Are Supplements Necessary?

Hi, As you can see by the title I will be talking about supplements and the ones that I am using too. One of most common question about supplements is do I need them and are they really necessary? My most honest answer is no because I believe you can get all of the important nutrients (protein, carbs,… Continue reading Are Supplements Necessary?

Absolute Fastest Way To Burn Fat!

Hi, Today I will be representing you a type of workout called HIIT – high-intensity interval training. This is an absolute best way to burn fat in short period of time. So, what is HIIT? HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a training technique in which you give all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick,… Continue reading Absolute Fastest Way To Burn Fat!

Everything You Need To Know About Fats!

Hi, today I will be teaching you all about fats. Pretty much everything that you need to know, from types of fats,  quality of them and reasons to eat them. A lot of time fats get a bad rap just because people don’t know that there are different types of them and that they are not all… Continue reading Everything You Need To Know About Fats!

Simple Egg Muffins!

Hi, I am back with another simple recipe that anyone can make. We all love muffins but they usually have a lot of calories so today I will be showing you different kind of muffins that you can make using eggs, they aren’t that sweet but they are still delicious! You will only need a… Continue reading Simple Egg Muffins!

8 New Year’s resolutions that are achievable

Hi, So at the beginning of the New Year, many people decide that they will start to exercise and eat healthier. But a lot of times most of them quit after a month because their goals are too high and they lost motivation to continue. So my advice would be that you set yourself realistic… Continue reading 8 New Year’s resolutions that are achievable

Delicious oatmeal recipe for perfect breakfast!

Hi, many people don’t like to eat oatmeal, to be honest, I was probably one of them. I tried many different ways to make them better by adding all type of stuff in it but I still didn’t like it, but now I finally made myself my own recipe that is great because it reminds… Continue reading Delicious oatmeal recipe for perfect breakfast!

Making the first step

Hi, So we all know it’s not easy to start doing something you don’t really enjoy or just don’t feel like so in this post I will give you some tips to start working out and make it a habit which you will enjoy and do on a regular basis. I know it won’t be… Continue reading Making the first step