Best Chicken Burger Ever!

Hi, Back with another recipe! Today it’s going to be CHICKEN BURGER! INGREDIENTS FOR THE BUN: 100g spelt flour 100g cottage cheese / low-fat 25ml mineral water salt DIRECTIONS: Pre-heat the oven to 360 degrees Put all the ingredients in the bowl and mix them together Make a nice looking bun and place it on… Continue reading Best Chicken Burger Ever!

Protein Pancakes!

Hi, Simple and easy today is gonna be all about PROTEIN PANCAKES! Who hasn’t heard of those right? So let’s go right into it! INGREDIENTS:  100g oats 100g banana 3 eggs or 3 egg whites 25g protein powder of any taste baking powder cinnamon DIRECTIONS: Measure all the ingredients and throw them into the blender… Continue reading Protein Pancakes!

Things To Always Keep In Your Gym Bag!

Hi, I’m back guys! Sorry, I didn’t post for a while I just couldn’t find the time to write. So in today’s blog, I will give you advice on what you should always have in your gym bag! Hope you guys will enjoy it! 1. HEADPHONES FOR SOME PUMP UP MUSIC! Without my headphones and playlist on… Continue reading Things To Always Keep In Your Gym Bag!

Stop Believing This Meal Timing Myths!

Hi, guys today I’ll tell you a couple most common myths you should STOP believing now! Everyone keeps telling you so many things about meal timing that just aren’t true so read this blog right now and acknowledge yourself with the truth! 1. SMALL, FREQUENT MEALS SPEED UP YOUR METABOLISM One of the most frequent debates… Continue reading Stop Believing This Meal Timing Myths!

The Best Healthy Snickers Cake Ever!

Hi, Well, guys, I am back with another recipe and this time it will be the best cake you have ever tried! It’s high in protein and it tastes like snickers but much healthier, it’s pretty easy and fast to make you just need a couple of ingredients that you can pretty much by in any… Continue reading The Best Healthy Snickers Cake Ever!

Simple Egg Muffins!

Hi, I am back with another simple recipe that anyone can make. We all love muffins but they usually have a lot of calories so today I will be showing you different kind of muffins that you can make using eggs, they aren’t that sweet but they are still delicious! You will only need a… Continue reading Simple Egg Muffins!

8 New Year’s resolutions that are achievable

Hi, So at the beginning of the New Year, many people decide that they will start to exercise and eat healthier. But a lot of times most of them quit after a month because their goals are too high and they lost motivation to continue. So my advice would be that you set yourself realistic… Continue reading 8 New Year’s resolutions that are achievable